Unwired - Friday 17 April 2015

The Psychology of Space

ImageUnwired is a pop-up series of events outside of our annual Wired for Wonder event to allow you to continue to wonder all year round.

At Wired for Wonder, we explore polar opposites.
We bring together seemingly unrelated concepts.
We create cognitive disinhibition.
We provoke thought.
We encourage convergent and divergent thinking.
This year we will explore in and out.
We will move beyond the boundaries.
Explore within.
Inside and out.
Intrinsic and extrinsic.
Inner and outer.
Inside our minds, outside our worlds.
Inside ourselves, outside the lines.
Take a look inside, are things what they appeared on the outside?
Take a look outside, what discoveries are impacting you.
Come and discover.
We will again bring together storytellers, dreamers, doers, artists, musicians, technologists, writers, scientists – to learn, to grow, to connect dots in different ways.
We will explore the concept of in and out across technology, life, business, science and awe.

Come wonder with us.


Unwired – The Psychology of Space features an intriguing line up of creative intellectuals who are guaranteed to evoke plenty of Wired for Wonder’s signature feeling – wonder – among an intimate audience. Sam Gosling, Dr Fiona Kerr and Caroline McLaren, who have all individually made headlines for ground-breaking work in different fields, will take to the stage to share insights, ignite thoughts and ideas on the psychology of space – neurologically, at home and at work.



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